British metalcore fans unite at While She Sleeps Pop-Up Shop

Sheffield’s Metalcore Sweethearts While She Sleeps meet fans to celebrate the release of their first crowdfunded record ‘Sleep Society’.

Sleep Society While She Sleeps

With the release of While She Sleeps’ Sixth album ‘Sleep Society’ out now, the British metalcore band came to the streets of London to celebrate with their fans. Supporters of the band gathered in Shoreditch to buy exclusive merch, signed vinyl, and meet the members of the band. With a temperature check at the entrance and a mandatory mask to be worn at all times, the reunion however was all but normal. Nevertheless, even with all of the restrictions necessary to hold such an event, the overall feeling of excitement to be part of something was palpable.

In a conversation I had with guitarist Matt Welsh, he expressed how tired he and the boys were, having had to be awake for 22 hours to organise the event. It was clear how much effort had gone into the ceremony, so for all of the members to be sticking around signing and taking photos with fans, it created an overwhelming sense of familial love between the band and their support.

(Credit: Jacques Desjonqueres)

While She Sleeps’ sixth album ‘Sleep Society’ is the first crowdfunded album by the band, and hopes to make a stand against the poor payment and monetary distribution held at the hands of big businesses like Spotify and major record labels. With such a strong message both in the lyrical themes and in the album rollout process, events such as these are some of the most important moments for such a tight-knit community such as the While She Sleeps Brotherhood.

Want to hear the new While She Sleeps record? Listen below to their mind-blowing single Nervous featuring Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil!!

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