Fun, Jumpy, and the Soundtrack to your own Adventure: Baby Stranges’ new EP ‘Land of Nothing’

Baby Strange open their new era with punk infused sounds and badass imagery

Baby Strange New EP

Glaswegian punk rockers Baby Strange are back and they’re not playing around this time. In their follow-up to their debut album ‘Want It Need It’, Baby Strange hold no punches back from their enthusiastic new EP. Encompassing all that made their previous record great, this indie-punk trio delivers a short sharp, and straight-to-the-point 5 song EP which will have you dancing from start to finish.

The EP’s five-song structure will contain two previously released singles, ‘More! More! More!’ and ‘Club Sabbath’, and the brand new song ‘I Want to Believe’ which came out March 25th. The first of the three releases was the project opener ‘More! More! More!’ which was released back in October 2020 and was met by both critical and fan success. The song’s bouncing tone and well-written yet still accessible instrumentation had fans flocking to YouTube to see the edgy and visually appealing music video. The track serves as a phenomenal tone-setter for the rest of the project, prophesizing the themes of anti-establishment and ‘need for dancing’ that run throughout the record.

The rest of the project keeps this momentum going, with track 2 being the brand new single ‘I Want To Believe’. Both this and the succeeding track – ‘There’s Something There’ – bear similarities with those with whom they’ve shared stages in the past. A dash of Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes mixed with a drop of Slaves, Baby Strange have everything that could make them the next big innovative face in British indie punk. Track 4 is the previously mentioned second single release, the fun, and catchy ‘Club Sabbath’. Frontman Johnny Madden reminisces of the writing of the song, saying that its dancy feel had the band unanimously agreeing on its being named after their ‘club night’.

“When we wrote this track we instantly knew we wanted to name it after our club night. It sounds like it was made for a dancefloor. This is one of our favourite songs to date and we can’t wait for people to hear it. We’re missing Club Sabbath more than ever right now. We started it in 2015 at The Priory on Sauchiehall St in Glasgow and we’ve hosted some really memorable parties.”

Johnny Madden

With a party influence coming in conjunction with the go-to punk attitude of the record, this could be the 5 track banger that your summer needs. Not to mention a UK headline tour in the work for June 2021, this could be quite the year for these relative newcomers. Backed by their brilliant record label Icons Creating Evil Art this EP could be the start of something really interesting.

‘Land of Nothing’ is out on all streaming platforms on the 30th of April. Can’t wait till then? Enjoy their newest single below! Out now on all streaming platforms!

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