Welcome to ‘Dover Beach’ – where Baby Queen’s melodrama meets moon-blanched pop shine

You may have incompatible star signs, but I guarantee your ears are compatible with this tempestuous, touching tune

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Being a Baby Queen fan is exhausting. I cannot keep up. ‘Raw Thoughts’ and ‘These Drugs’ feel like they dropped just weeks ago, and already we have another new single – and one of her best so far.

‘Dover Beach’ is Baby Queen finally getting to express her feelings on vapid insignificances like love, without being branded as, like, totally basic, having laid deep foundations with the Medicine EP.

Every single damn part of this song is immaculately crafted sugary sweet pop perfection. It’s a tidal wave of that magnificence right from the start – never has anything sounded more ready to take over the airwaves than the opening piano jauntily bounding under a series of breathy high-pitched oohs. With the verses bringing an amble helping of hefty synth goodness, we have the grounding to make the perfect summer smash.

Even better, the lyrics fit that bill perfectly. Seemingly saccharine, there’s that perfect hint of bitter obsession and wasted opportunity to bringing us back to Baby Queen’s characteristic tightrope walk between happy sounds and deeply unhappy themes. From seeing her paramour everywhere she looks at the end of the chorus to ruminations on ruined dreams and mortality in the immediately following refrain, it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

Oh, and on top of all that, the music video has some Looks, so go check it out:

With even more new music sooner than later, a Record Store Day release of ‘Raw Thoughts’, and shows lined up at London’s OMEARA for November, it’s a hectic and heartening time to be in the baby kingdom.

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