The Innocent: Thoughts on one of the most brutal TV series on Netflix

The Innocent is a thought-provoking adaptation of Harlan Coben’s novel of the same title and it’s characterized by powerful scenes addressing how the our past and life choices define us. Furthermore, the enigmatic past of each character underlines the fragmented narrative of the plot as it constantly creates questions rather than giving answers. However, the past of each character is only an iota of the absorbing plot as there is more than meets the eye to this must-see Spanish thriller TV series.

Specifically, the most unsettling part of the plot is the display of violent scenes and unpleasant visuals that highlight the disturbing reality of the sexual abuse and manipulative behaviour towards prostitutes. Perhaps, the film has a dose of reality in addressing the actuality of the sex industry as well as the sinister and upsetting mentality of its masterminds. And this is a characteristic that overshadows Mateo’s (Mario Casas) struggles if we are to take into consideration the violence and graphic content that the film displays in relation to the brutality of sex crimes. Certainly, these scenes can be hard to watch and are only suitable for strong stomachs.

Apart from The Innocent being a moving production and emotionally strong miniseries, it is worth mentioning the outstanding and charismatic performances. Even though Casas was truly exceptional with his perturbed role, the surprisingly and incredibly played character is that of Alexandra Jiménez. Taking into consideration that she rarely portrays women in law enforcement, her incandescent performance as Lorena was of an exceptional standard and I absolutely hope in the future she continues to pursue crime shows in lieu of comedies. However, a detective should have a more realistic and unobtrusive hairstyle and hair color – as was not the case in The Innocent – in order to fit the detective persona and to not unnecessarily draw attention to themselves.

Nevertheless, The Innocent is a tremendously sophisticated miniseries as well as a truly great piece of filmmaking both in performances and production and definitely on top of my list for streaming. It can be defined as an agile and complex story of violence, blood and the past where erynies are there to admonish you for your guilt-ridden actions of the past, regardless of being penitent or unrepentant, having qualms or not, innocent or guilty. The whole setting and direction add a mood of gloom and evoke feelings of distress, fear and pain. Moreover, the disavowal of the ‘bad guys’ will augment your fury and will shake you up when you realize that you never know what happens behind closed doors. Consequently, The Innocent is expertly directed and involves a compelling and enthralling plot, chock-full of tension and will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the whole series.

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