‘Who Killed Sara?’: Do we get answers in Season 2?

Still from Who Killed Sara? Courtesy of Netflix.

This review contains spoilers.

Just when we thought that season two of Who killed Sara? would resolve, the non-linear narrative of the worth-seeing Mexican thriller proves us wrong with its dark, heart-pounding and riveting plot twists. If you have already watched season one and you expect that you are closer to understanding what’s already on the surface, you are mistaken. As the story progresses and the audience creates an idea of each character, facts and background information will make you question what you have seen so far. While the lives of characters are falling apart, transgression and murders become a routine and revelations profusely disrupt the equilibrium, the chaos that ensues arouses curiosity and intensifies uncertainty. And even though everyone has their veiled secrets, it’s not only the ‘elite of corruption’s finest’-alias of the Lazcanos- who are constantly tergiversating and sweeping their scandals under the carpet. Therefore, expect the unexpected. 

Although season two is a must-see, there are two sides of the coin; you will either enjoy the complexity in the already multi-layered script or you’ll get an abundance of information that will repel you from watching all 8 episodes. On the contrary, if you are ready to add extra questions to what you already know (or you think you know) then I highly recommend that you dedicate a day to watch season two. It’s practically guaranteed that every episode you click, the more puzzled you’ll get, the more addictive it becomes and it will unquestionably not let you down.

Who killed Sara? is an absolutely intriguing story with superabundant twists as well as menacing characters who constantly abnegate from their actions. The production is characterized by its gripping script that consists of superb and thoughtful characters. These characters are delineated by actors (Manolo Cardona, Eugenio Siller, Claudia Ramírez, Ximena Lamadrid, Ginés García Millán) who do a phenomenal job in portraying their roles whether as sinister personalities or empathetic characters which are delivered with unprecedented success.

Oh! The mystery is far from ending because crikey! Season 3 is coming. Mysteries are yet to be unravelled, and if you do not have a scintilla of doubt that Sara died that day at the lake, I endeavour to baffle you with the following question: what if the parachute did not kill her?

Still from Who Killed Sara? Courtesy of Netflix

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