Keeping up to date with the “Impossible Rebellion”: an opinion piece

Photo by Marcus Spiske from Unsplash

“Come to the Table”. That is the message projected by the enormous pink table erected at the Long Acre Junction in Covent Garden this past weekend. The table’s orchestrators? The now notorious Extinction Rebellion. The environmental activist group has recently declared 2 weeks of intense protesting across the city of London until the government agrees to stop any investment in new fossil fuels. 

XR were rather strategic when it came to ensuring their table would be allowed to stand freely, allegedly starting the protests with a march from Trafalgar Square up Charing Cross Road that was actually a mere distraction to keep police occupied whilst others could secure the table. An impressive structure in itself that is 4-metres high and consists of a stereo system and sleeping areas for its loyal protestors. At the top of the sculpture read the words “Change is Now!”. 

Long Acre Junction, Covent Garden, London- Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

Some fellow Londoners who remember the action of the group back in 2019 may see this pink table as a matching set piece to the pink boat that once sailed through Oxford Circus with Dame Emma Thompson on its back. You can’t say XR doesn’t know how to get your attention. In their response the Metropolitan police stated that significant operations and teams have been put in place to ensure the safety of the public over this past bank-holiday weekend, whilst also acknowledging the groups “Important Cause”. 

Extinction rebellion insists this will be a long period of protests. No doubt encouraged by recent natural disasters such as international floodings and recent statistics from IPCC stating the human race may have just surpassed a crucial moment for global carbon dioxide emissions. 

Their final message to be taken away from this sculpture and subsequent protests is that everyone deserves a seat at the table, especially when it comes to discussing the planet’s future; something XR believes the world’s governments are not doing.

For more information on the groups activities and manifesto please visit:

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