New EP establish Knocked Loose as the face of modern hardcore

Knocked Loose’s new EP ‘A Tear in the Fabric of Life’ take this Kentucky band from possible one album wonders to classics of the modern scene.

Pure Noise Records - A Tear In The Fabric Of Life

The question as to whether Knocked Loose could keep up their relentless rise to infamy in the hardcore scene was up to interpretation. While metal elitists rejected their blend of hardcore, metalcore, and death metal, those who yearned for a band to change the game up – myself included – had put a lot of their faith in Knocked Loose. ‘A Different Shade of Blue’, the band’s sophomore record, was a masterpiece of heavy music. It garnered media attention from famous podcasters to even the Needledrop giving them a review. A lot was riding on the band to release a brilliant next record, and my lord did they deliver. 

‘A Tear in the Fabric of Life’ is hard, disgusting, and heavy, a brilliant and relentless punch to the face of blast beats and breakdowns. The melodic side of KL, which had been compared to Comeback Kid in its heyday, has since been replaced with sludgy distorted riffs much more akin to Code Orange – their peers in the metal scene. Bryan Garris also offers listeners a step up in vocal quality, which I could never have seen coming, truly making his voice one of the more recognisable of the vocalists doing the rounds of the moment. 

The album artwork did also garner conversation on corners of the internet for its stylistic resemblance to the new Lorna Shore record. Because of their form, these two exciting new bands could be well on their way to creating a whole artistic movement for the album covers for the best new heavy music (see below for comparison). Only time will tell whether this will be as influential as I think it may become, but either way, it’s an interesting side to the music which is often not considered. 

Lorna Shore’s New Record with Black Border
Knocked Loose’s New Record with a similar stylistic choice

In conclusion, if you can handle heavy music, with blistering guitars and breakdowns which sound like being dropped from height then this has to be the record for you. Easly one of the best metalcore EP’s of 2021, almost bringing a tear to my eye with how proud I am of the Oldham Boys. 

If this sounds like the record for you then click the link below to listen to it now!!!

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