PANGAIA: The Number One Uniform

Image by Ivana Neupauerová

A collection of thoughtful wardrobe essentials. All-inclusive. Bio-based. Eco-friendly. Cosy. Chic. Addictive. This is PANGAIA

Wear it. Love it. Repeat.

Once you buy your first piece, there is no way to stop. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. PANGAIA is the number one uniform for plenty of occasions. Suitable for travelling, gym, casual dates, nature visits, groceries shopping… lying in bed watching Netflix but make it fashion.

However, what makes the brand so special? PANGAIA started selling their products on-demand only to look after Mother Earth in the best possible way, especially by avoiding overproduction of material goods. The brand has become so popular that each launch and restock is snapped up in a matter of minutes. For instance, the collection of botanical tracksuits sold out in just 15 minutes! Crazy right?

What does ‘’PANGAIA’’ signify and who is behind this inspiring sustainable fashion brand?

When picking the correct name for the brand, there were variations ranging from PANGIA, PANGEA, PANGAYA, PANGAI, PANGANIA and PANAGAIA. Then, PANGAIA finally got the green light. The first part of the word ‘’PAN’’ serves to point out that the brand is all-inclusive, especially when it comes to racial groups or even religion. It is simply made for everyone.  The second part ‘’GAIA’’ refers to Mother Earth. 

The founder of Future Tech Lab, an incubator specializing in responsible innovations and a member of a large collective of scientists, engineers, artists, and designers, is Miroslava Duma. She is a well-heeled Instagram celebrity turned investor. Pharrell Williams is also a member of the collective and an avid supporter of PANGAIA.


When it comes to the materials, the brand uses as many sustainable and recyclable elements as you could possibly think of. 

The products are made of seaweed fibre, which is made from a blend of organic cotton yarns and lyocell, embedded with seaweed particles. Around 95% of the lyocell is harvested from eucalyptus trees that grow quickly without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers. The remaining 5% is from spruce, acacia, and beech trees. 

Then, lyocell has to undergo a process of closed-loop production, which recycles water and reuses up to 99% of the solvent already used. This process leads to very little waste and ends in creating fibre that biodegrades in water, landfills, and composting environments. 

What makes this production even more fascinating is that the seaweed is harvested in Iceland and is only being collected once every four years.  

The cherry on top is that PANGAIA products are treated with antibacterial peppermint oil, which is used to reduce the frequency of washing to keep your pieces fresh for longer. This way, the brand also significantly helps in avoiding water pollution. 

What about the colour-popping pieces? These vibrant colours are made of natural sources only, such as botanical dyes from plants. 

Are you in love yet? I bet you are, but there is more…

Protecting the environment

The brand not only uses natural materials, bio-based, recycled fibre and peppermint oil to cut the frequency of the washing of the products but also, with every purchase, one mangrove tree is planted. 

On their mission to save the environment, PANGAIA also raised more than 46,000 dollars to protect bees with their ‘’Bee The Change Fund’’

The brand started selling hoodies and matching tracksuit bottoms. Now, PANGAIA is so popular that it is selling jackets, shorts, caps, jackets, slippers, pyjamas, trainers, etc.

The hottest item on the market is denim! This next-level sustainable PANGAIA piece is made of Himalayan nettle, which is a naturally regenerative plant, followed by, of course, renewable and biodegradable organic cotton and, last but not least, our favourite peppermint oil. 

The brand that was hardly known by anyone, in the beginning, was converted into a never-ending love story of many customers, who keep on coming back to purchase more items to add to their collection. 

They say you can’t buy true love but I hardly doubt that! If you haven’t already, browse their collection to see for yourself – you will be amazed. And broke. But surely amazed.

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