Photo by наталия котович via pexels

In my head there are too many faces,

Once I am she,

Then they,

Nearly me, nearly free

Wait until the mirror breaks,

And I shatter on shards and begin to take

Pieces of glass on a skin so kind

And bleed a saturated red, to soothe a fragile mind.

Because I have no sense of identity,

So I shed into a new body.

I sit in the centre of a cold, pitch black room,

I feel smoke and rage and filled with fumes,

When the rain comes down there is a sudden silence

The silence slowly becomes violent

And I woke up not knowing which personality I fought with once again.

And that’s how i feel every single day

I do not know who I am and I want this to go away.

A million faces and a rush of feelings

I guess my emotions have no meaning

I feel everything at once or I am completely numb

And I am hard to love and so I lose everyone.

So I wait for tomorrow to learn how to be me.

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