Pete Davidson: The centre of a media frenzy

Why Pete Davidson is not ‘the luckiest man on earth’

Pete Davidson, most known for his career as a comedian for Saturday Night Live as well as many other career avenues in his life, has once again become the spotlight of a media frenzy, where tabloids, magazines and avid social media users run to their feeds to ask the question of whether Pete is dating another, successful beautiful woman. Despite his career, the media only really pays attention to his reputation of dating history, from the likes of Ariana Grande to now allegedly Kim Kardashian.


Media outlets make major comparisons judging Pete’s career, background, lifestyle and appearance and do so as some sort of way of figuring out why women would like him. The backlash he receives and online abuse as a result of his love life is disgusting, not only does the media love to forget that he is an individual with his own feelings, but he seems to constantly be bashed and told that he is a lucky man. Sure, he is probably lucky when he is in a relationship with someone who values and cares for him, but purely because he is with stunning women, the media degrades him, as if he should be grateful that women want him in the first place. Considering the way Pete is treated, I think it brings up an important discussion about how male mental health is disregarded in the media but also in general. If this was a woman being abused for their choice of partner and their partners being conventionally attractive, there would be uproar for the abuse they were receiving so why when it is a man is there a different response?

As a society, I blame the patriarchal structure as it has affected men massively, by forcing them into this stereotype of being strong, and not talking about their mental health, and they can take ‘jokes’ more than women can because women are ‘sensitive’. The reality just is not the case and that actually men’s mental health is suffering massively because of the stigma surrounding mental health. Even major statistics show how male mental health is ignored, for example, according to “ Around three-quarters of registered suicide deaths in 2020 were for men (3,925 deaths; 75.1%), which follows a consistent trend back to the mid-1990s.”. I bring the facts into this article because even Davidson, who is victim of cruel abuse time and time again has even spoken about how he is affected, and as a society, we need to acknowledge male mental health. 

Davidson, who has been open in talking about his mental health, and has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, has previously said “I’ve kept my mouth shut. Never mentioned any names, never said a word about anyone or anything,” he wrote. “I’m just trying to understand how when something happens to a guy the whole entire world just trashes him without any facts or frame of reference.” He’s right. I mean he has to be the best example to use of how he suffers an unnecessary amount of abuse usually in relation to his relationships, but i think he appears to be in the media always being bashed and it makes no sense as to why it is okay because it simply is not. 

Pete Davidson is human, he has feelings and in regards to men’s mental health I think using him as an example it’s time to confront how we are dealing with men’s mental health and how the media has a lack of coverage on it, and what we need to do to progress forward. 


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