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Review: Made in Dagenham

As I sit at my laptop, my freezing house warmed by the superb vocals of its latest charmer, I cannot help but think that you have to love London’s West […]

10 New Years resolutions all London students make but never keep

This year I will walk that extra distance instead of getting the tube for one stop. It’s only five minutes I’m sure. This year, I will not go out drinking […]

Lit- Up London

At Christmas, London is one of the beautiful places you can look around. To celebrate, we at CUB have decided to just display an array of some of the loveliest Christmas […]

Country in the UK: An Interview with The Shires

Country is making itself known more and more in the UK, and I was lucky enough to speak to The Shires, Crissie and Ben, a pioneering country duo who are […]

Japan Matsuri 2014

If I told you I spent my Saturday, sitting in Trafalgar square, watching giant and oddly cartoon animals dance around a stage to catchy dance music, what would your first […]

10 things you will see if the 24 hour Tubes go ahead

Third years may now have the opportunity to venture home from the library, away from their project/essay/dissertation/revision in order to shower late at night and return a few hours later. […]

The Innermost Thoughts of Waiting to Meet a Friend in a London Pub

“This is the place she said right? I’ve guessed wrongly about five times so far. It can’t be this grotty, old, gross –opens door– …surprisingly fancy inside place…” “Right I’ve […]

The London Library: Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

We’re starting up a new idea here in the London section of CUB where we discuss books that directly align themselves to our awesome city. Now, whilst we could begin […]

You know you’re on the DLR when…

1) You could be at Chessington World of Adventures because this IS a mini rollercoaster and no one is allowed to tell you otherwise. 2) The views are better than any other […]