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Results Day: Career paths for GCSE and A-level students

If you have recently received you’re A-level results, you will, most likely, have been in education for 10 years – or 8 years if you received your GCSE results. You forced yourself to go to sleep the night before, and a few hours later you are […]

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Charity workers: behind the scenes

There is so much public adoration for those celebrities who are charity workers as well as major influential public figures. And rightly so – they are truly worth acknowledgement and […] mkhmarketing

Technology Today: Where to go for the real news?

I believe it is time to address the global impact that technology has today. More importantly, it is fundamental to understand the role that technology has in our lives. Today, we […]


Emotional Women: ‘Man Up!’

Women will, inevitably, handle emotions differently to men. Nevertheless, intense feelings are experienced by both men and women, which forms part of our human experience. Many people try to explain the motivation behind […]


Teachers are forced to zip their lips about their low pay, gender wage gap, and insecure work…

Studying for a degree, of course, relies on two parties: the students and their teachers. Without the student, there is no need for the teacher – and vice versa. The […]