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A Tribute to Solo Theatre Trips

For the past four years, I have regularly enjoyed theatre trips completely on my own; initially I had nobody to go with, or was too impatient to find someone willing […]

A Letter to Those Who Think London is Grey and Depressing

I came across a tweet last month which said “I have come to the conclusion that living in London makes me sad and everything is grey…and evil. People always look […]

How to meet new people in London

Studying at university while living at home (a topic I have touched on in a previous article), can make life very difficult in terms of meeting new people. Now, I’m […]

Why London is the best place to go Vegan

      Back home, in France, while doing my grocery shopping, I rarely came across vegan options, so I was surprised when I’m going to the supermarket, here in […]

A Review of London’s Tube Lines

There are 11 lines on the London Underground, or the Tube as locals call it. I’m not a train geek, but I’d say I’ve been on the tube enough to […]

Musical Theatre in London

There are currently five UK-produced musicals running in London’s West End. There are nine shows transferred from the US, with two more set to open in the next few months. […]

London’s Education System

Secondary school was always a time I wish to re experience. Although my school wasn’t always considered the best, I went to St Georges RC in Maida Vale where our […]

Unique Buildings in London

There are some buildings in London that I can’t help but stare at in awe. They’re just so different from any building I’ve seen. So if you’re interested in architecture […]

A Fresher’s Guide to Living in London

There’s nothing quite like riding the Central line Eastbound at 4:30pm on a weekday to drive home the reality of living in London. The warm, squashed air and the warm, […]