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How Harvey Weinstein Exploited Women’s Dreams

Blue skies, streets lined with palm trees, a man jogging, and melancholy music marked the start of the new BBC documentary, Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein. It […]

Introducing ‘Breaking Boundaries: Women at Queen Mary’, A New Series

I’d like to introduce you all to a brand-new series that will feature in the Muse section. Breaking Boundaries: Women at Queen Mary is going to explore what female empowerment […]

The Fresher’s Pressure – My take on the frenzy

Fresher’s week has finally commenced this year and as students take the plunge, diving deep into a year of intense academic studies and social activities, there still happens to be […]

Cosmetic Surgery: Beauty Made Achievable, But at What Cost?

My first encounter with a cosmetic surgery clinic occurred whilst strolling through a mall in Gangnam. I was on my way up to the cinema when I stumbled past a […]

Ladies, It’s Time You Try Solo Travel

I have always had a deep-rooted respect those who are independent: living life in a way that makes them happy and not being afraid to be on their own. I […]

It’s a Booby Trap!

I was 8-years-old when I got my first bra. This was quite a big deal for me as I was one of the first people in my class to start […]

Arrival in Seoul

I have always been an organised person. Whether it’s crafting the perfect to-do list or preparing my monthly meal plan, I have spent hours agonising over every detail. Considering this, […]

Seoul Shines in Adversity

Celebrating Seoul’s 20th annual Queer Culture Festival, the event patrons continue to raise awareness of the Korean LGBTQ+ community through activities such as a pride parade, film festivals, and a […]

Exclusive Review: Dinner is Coming 

Whether you have spent years mastering the language of the Dothraki or have only recently finished watching the hit show, Dinner is Coming is a must for all Game of Thrones fans. […]