Ellen’s Box


So we’re not long into 2016 and January has already proven itself to be a bit shit. I love the new year and the idea of a fresh start, taking […]

Ellen’s Box – It’s not me, it’s you

I haven’t been able to write anything in weeks and it has driven me up the highest of metaphorical walls. There are so many words in my head that I […]

Ellen’s Box – 11 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was Thirteen

Facebook has its perks and drawbacks, but something I’m always very grateful for is the amount of content shared on my newsfeed. This week, along with a whole heap of […]

Ellen’s Box – Do Not Dismiss My Anger

Fittingly for the subject matter of this week’s column, I’m about to have a bit of a moan. Nothing to do with being or feeling negative, I hasten to add, […]

We don’t need to ‘man up’

If you know me, you might know that size-wise, I am a very little person. My short legs uphold a small frame and since I don’t know a lot about […]

Too short a fringe

This week I went up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to visit my fantastic friends making fantastic theatre and having a fantastic time doing it. It was only a flying […]

No papz plz

Went to see Amy last week, which was honestly one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever watched. Now, this may not seem out of the ordinary since it doesn’t […]

We are all people

Hello one and all, and welcome to my column! I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to write it, and I hope with all my might that […]