Politista – Are We Suffering From News Fatigue?

Fatigue isn’t a very nice word, is it? Personally, it reminds me of suburban mothers who can’t find a less exaggerated way to express how they have to feel when […]


Politista – Je Suis Together

In the aftermath of the atrocity in Paris, a calculated attack that the Islamic State has taken responsibility for, which has left 129 dead and hundreds more wounded, Europe is […]


Politista – Our Great and Glorious Hypocrisies

It’s interesting that in a year where Donald Trump’s Presidential programme is casting light on the dubious foreign policy of the USA, the last British prisoner in Guantanamo Bay detention centre for those of […]


Politista – From Rochdale to Raqqa: The Ongoing Problem of FGM

Something that decisively chose the subject matter of my column this week was the fact that I wondered whether the subject matter itself was passé. “Has this been covered too […]


Politista – Not in my back yard

…and now folks, for something a bit closer to home. On 26th September, a group of protesters with the elegant moniker ‘Fuck Parade’ set up shop outside the Cereal Killer […]

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Politista – Rise of the Corbynites

  It’s an interesting time to have an interest in British politics. A subject that would send most people running if you brought it up over a few beers has […]


social cohesion or social cleansing?

When looking for things to fill my time with over the longest holiday I’ll have until my retirement looms, I have two main criteria – 1) is it free? and […]


A day in the mind of Donald

Now, as someone who has self-respect and at least a basic understanding of the concept of human rights, I could never have said that there seemed anything vaguely appealing about […]



Is it only me who rolled their eyes back into their head in horror at the news that the last bastion of our humanity has been shot in the neck? […]