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To New Adventures

So far you may have found yourself bobbing safely along with the current, moving through life on a trusty ship, bumping along to the rhythm of the ebb and flow […]

Busting Election Myths Part Two: Commiserations and Celebrations

By the time you’ve read this, this column will already have aged. The election is over, and we (probably) now have a Government. The last column I wrote was about […]

This Week’s Need To Know

I’m assuming you all registered to vote in the European Union Referendum on Monday. If not – naughty! (Seriously though, you didn’t? May as well stop reading, you’ve clearly already […]

10 Wardrobe Freshers’ Essentials

Freshers’ week is almost around the corner, and we all know that the change of scenery and moving somewhere new with new people is for the most extremely stressful, so […]

The 8 Best Things About Mile End Road

1.  The People Be prepared to hear some weird things, let me give you some examples: “Do you have any shrooms?”, “Kate Moss, come read my Bible”, and “Hi. I […]

The Definitive Ranking of Food on Campus

8. The Drunken Monkey. Ah, The Drunken Monkey. If you’re not in second year, you may not remember our dear old friend. How they tried, so very, very hard to stay afloat. […]

The 5 best things about living on campus

1. Being able to roll out of bed 20 minutes before the lecture and still get there on time (it can even be done to the art of rolling out […]

What does your choice of bag on campus say about you?

As Marc Jacobs once said, “to me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear,” and so have you ever […]