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Dear Bronte – (Not so) Top Trumps

Hi,   My boyfriend’s best friend from school is getting married in November to a lovely lady who (among other things) writes a blog about self-confidence, not judging others and […]


The Long D

What is it like to be in a long-distance relationship? I used to be sceptical that a long-distance relationship could ever work. I mean, how could you still be committed […]

Vicious Cycle

Once in a while, I’m struck by the realisation that I’m playing out a scenario with a boy that’s already been played out with a boy before him. That I’ve […]


The City and the Northern Girl #15

Where’s the line? People have always cheated. Just take a look at Tiger Woods, or even the Bible. But throw in 21st century email, text messaging and Facebook and the […]

Image: Russian Constructivism.

How Low Would You Go?

When I was a child, my Mum would fill my young mind with moral lessons. Whilst playing board games I was scolded for cheating. When I pushed my younger brother […]