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Queen Mary’s Visual Arts Collective

This winter, after a year-long hiatus, Queen Mary’s Visual Arts Collective reappeared with a call for visual art from students of all disciplines. The Visual Arts Collective was formed in […]

Writing: Paradise or Imprisonment?

Writing is a privilege that most people in the developed world obtain at a young age. This ability arms us with power and agency through expression. We derive this power […]

Josie Durney. CUB Magazine online and photography editor

Girl Talk with Josie

In this new series ‘Girl Talk With,’ I’ll be chatting with the amazing women in my life about how they inspire me. Beginning with CUB’s head online, and photography editor, […]

The C-L-O-T-H for Creative Minds

British product designer, Felix Conran has just launched his first fashion collection this September as a part of London Fashion Week SS18, and approaches fashion in an unconventional, yet completely […]

Sien with Cigar Sitting on the Floor near Stove (1882) - Vincent Van Gogh

Clasina Maria Hoornik

I remember when the boatman found you Floating In the Schelde, And plucked you out as if you were A Clump Of damp black hair, Knotted around a shallow drain. […]


Plastic Warfare: Plastic is not that Fantastic

As important as our food is to our society and lives, the sustainability of the ways in which we package food are way more. When we dive into our packets […]

I'm Sorry

I’m Sorry

“I should have told you to stay home…” Read the Flash Fiction submission by Libby Jancsy.   I’m sorry, I should have told you to stay home. I’m sorry, I […]


642 Attempts at Being Creative

When people ask what I want to be ‘when I grow up’, I tend to stare vacantly at them in the hope that they will lose interest and move on […]


4 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is a metaphorical muscle. Depending on how much you use it, it can expand or contract. Like muscles in your bodies, there are exercises you can do to give […]