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Cult Retrospective: The Warriors at 40

This year, The Warriors celebrates it’s 40th anniversary, and has endured a gruelling journey in reaching this landmark. Its initial release was hugely successful but was quickly debilitated as its […]

10 years on: is Jennifer’s Body a subversive cult classic?

10 years ago, Jennifer’s Body was released to mixed reviews and failed to leave a mark on audiences. In the coming years, the film has gained a cult fanbase and […]

Welcome to Rio 2016!

With the Olympic Games happening in Rio De Janeiro, it is a great opportunity to celebrate and showcase both Rio and the country’s thriving culture and history. The Olympics also […]

Can Picturehouse Central bring back the renaissance of the movie theatre?

Remember the days when a weekly family trip to the local movie theatre was the norm. Where seeing a “moving picture” was an event. Now it can be said that […]