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Aimless Days: 4 Films to Check Out

For most of us, we are very close to finishing, or have finished, this academic year at university. With the end of this high-stress exam period you are likely to […]

Molly’s Game Review – Aaron Sorkin Deals a Deft Hand of Screenwriting Aces with His Imperfect yet Ambitious Poker Drama

In terms of contemporary American screenwriters, other than Tarantino, none go more recognised and revered than Aaron Sorkin. Having penned the screenplays for A Few Good Men, The Social Network […]

Millions + Q&A with Danny Boyle and Peter Bradshaw

Shuffle Festival is a fantastic and a uniquely mesmerising event. Hidden away in the atmospheric grounds of St Clements Hospital (former workhouse, psychiatric hospital, shortlisted location for Boyle-horror 28 days […]