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Does Size Matter? Nike Says No With Their New Plus-Size Sports Range

Nike leads the way for more diversity in clothing brand’s sizing as they prove that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to sportswear. Their new women’s plus size range […]

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Why Trump’s Victory Is Not a Shock.

“I didn’t actually think he would win”, “I’m so surprised Trump won”, “I’m in shock”. I’m not being cynical but why do people say these things? Are you surprised that […]


Festival Preview: South West Four 2016

As the last days of summer drift into autumn, South West Four festival celebrates Bank Holiday weekend with a wealth of innovative electronic music. With a line-up that boasts the […]


September & October Music Festival Forecast

Despite there being a great bunch of August festivals to head to this year, these days September and October are the new August. Here you can find a list of […]


The Appropriation of East London’s Working Class: The Capital’s Young Elites as Cause, Victim and Solution

Cultural appropriation makes victims of the vulnerable. It is the middle class that benefit, particularly in the case of gentrification. The wealthy and educated elite of London wishes to select […]

Politista – Let Me Mansplain…

To paraphrase Aaliyah, if there’s ladies in the house let me hear you – now hands up, how many of you have had something mansplained to you in the last, […]

Politista – Breaking the straight, white, glass ceiling 

I have a confession to make. The subject of this column is something I first read about on the Daily Mail. I know – I feel sick, ashamed, like I […]

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Are Faith Schools Really Failing To Promote “British values?”

In the past few months there have been countless articles written about faith schools, with one of the primary failings being ‘the failure to promote British values’. Recently, an Islamic […]

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London’s Lotus Flower

London is the city of freedom, where we have the right to debate, think, live and work. What does this ‘freedom’ mean to us? By defining freedom, you are defining […]