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No Eggs, No Bacon

There are really only a certain number of conversations you can have when starting a new part time job. After you’ve exhausted the ‘so where are you from?’ and ‘what […]

A Lads holiday. Part 4:

Part four marks the first changeover of our holiday. After four days in Amsterdam we moved onto Brussels. Unfortunately, at this point four of our mates had to go home. Mr. Snooze and our Tall Friend (did I […]

A Lads Holiday: Part 2

Side note: If you haven’t read A Lads Holiday: Part 1 please read it before reading this post… I’ve been friends with these boys for years but today I found the Early Bird. Curtains open at 8am, […]

The lad culture lie

We need to talk about Lad Culture. I know, I know, I don’t really want to either. Yes, as a female undergraduate I experienced enough unwanted attention during Freshers’ week […]

5 stages of drunk as we know them

Merry “This is cool! The music seems a little bit louder than usual and these colours are kind of bright  – still, discussion on Nietzsche you say? I’m down with […]