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AW16 Lookbook: Skint Student Edition 

Its mid-September, the student loan has dropped and the year has barely started, yet you’re still wrestling with potential bankruptcy and needing an overdraft overhaul. If you’re looking for a thrifty way to […]

Free London

Calling all students! London is home to mounds of galleries just waiting to be uncovered, home to all forms of art by local artists and the best part? They are […]

The Appropriation of East London’s Working Class: The Capital’s Young Elites as Cause, Victim and Solution

Cultural appropriation makes victims of the vulnerable. It is the middle class that benefit, particularly in the case of gentrification. The wealthy and educated elite of London wishes to select […]

East London Delights

It’s here! It’s finally here. After the exam period consisted of cloudy skies and minds, it’s time for the hoodies to be put away (far away) and the scent of […]

London’s sexiest cafes part 2

With a coffee shop on almost every corner, it seemed impossible to limit the title of ‘London’s Sexiest Cafes’ to a mere three, so this week, we’re going to throw […]

Gay East End: The Truth About Homophobia, Straight from the Rainbow Unicorn’s Mouth

Picture this: It’s late at night, and someone is walking home from an event in central London. They live in East London. They are alone and are wearing a rainbow […]

Gay East End: Can I Hold Your Hand?

Months after two serious homophobic attacks occurred in East London within a week of one another, what does the future hold for the many LGBT+ residents of East End? In […]

Reflections of Self: Shoreditch Exhibition of William S. Burroughs’ Art

Upon its publication in 1959, William S. Burroughs’ ‘Naked Lunch’ changed the face of literature forever. With its chaotic, rambling, surreal scenes of nihilistic, nonsensical hedonism, it became a benchmark […]

The Dark History of the East End

Choosing Queen Mary and moving to East London you’d have to be fairly oblivious not to know at least some of the history of the area. Probably the most famous […]