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The BIG Review: The Black Cat Cabaret.

Naughty. Dark. Funny. These are the three ingredients which make The Black Cat Cabaret a show to remember. When you think of the word ‘cat’, you might think of the […]

The Handmaiden Review – Park Chan-wook’s Erotic Thriller is Scintillating, Subversive and Superlative

If there is one thing for certain with contemporary cinema, it’s that international cinema goes disappointingly unrecognised in the wider community. Diving into any one of these more obscure films, […]

Erotic Literature that Pre-Dates 50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey swept across the world like Freshers’ flu across a university campus and, love it or hate it, with the film being released on Valentine’s Day 2015 […]