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The Marvellous Markets of London.

Whether you’re an avid foodie, a collector of precious salvaged antiquities, a lover of all things art, a fashionista, or even a flower fanatic, the epically varied markets of London […]

Recipe of the Week: Egg & Turkey Sandwiches

Welcome back to my recipe column! This week I’m sharing with you a sandwich recipe that my Uncle came up with! He is a major foodie and is always creating […]

Reflections On Senegal

In June 2016, I embarked on a 10-week placement to Senegal with Y Care International, a government funded development programme. Along with 6 other UK volunteers, our main objectives were […]

Falafel Fridays

Confession: I’m in Scotland. I’ve been here for just over two weeks now and, in true first year style, I’ve managed to avoid most cooking related activities. By that, I […]

10 ways to spot a foodie

The question that dominates people’s mind when someone claims to be a Foodie is this: What exactly is a Foodie? How do you know that Foodism is a way of […]

The five best pizzas in East London

OK, so there isn’t much text that can go along with this, other than my opinion on what makes a damn good pizza, and where I think you should go […]