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Exclusive Interview with Delphian Art Gallery.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak to Delphian Gallery, an artist run contemporary gallery, about two new exhibitions on display at the Shoreditch venue. The two exhibitions of […]

Farewell Wardour News

Selling fashion magazines in Soho for nearly 34 years, Wardour News is a staple for fashion fans wanting to browse and purchase the latest glossy magazines. If you wanted to […]

Is London too expensive for rising artists?

London is currently at a great crossroads with regards to its art culture. On the one hand, the city still holds its renounced reputation, but is it becoming too expensive for […]

The Appropriation of East London’s Working Class: The Capital’s Young Elites as Cause, Victim and Solution

Cultural appropriation makes victims of the vulnerable. It is the middle class that benefit, particularly in the case of gentrification. The wealthy and educated elite of London wishes to select […]

Gentrification and Photography in East London

Recently East London has come under heavy scrutiny with regards to gentrification. Gentrification is the process of renewal that follows an influx of middle-class or affluent people into poorer areas […]

Politista – Not in my back yard

…and now folks, for something a bit closer to home. On 26th September, a group of protesters with the elegant moniker ‘Fuck Parade’ set up shop outside the Cereal Killer […]

social cohesion or social cleansing?

When looking for things to fill my time with over the longest holiday I’ll have until my retirement looms, I have two main criteria – 1) is it free? and […]

The Revolution Has Been Gentrified

There have been worse times to walk hungry through East London. If you roam through its lanes, where graffiti and Victorian brickwork meet plate glass and open yards, there will […]