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What’s the box? Introduction to a New Series!

Welcome to this brand-new series on Features! This is my first ever article for CUB, and I hope to engage readers into my thread of fun experiences, life lessons and […]

A beginners guide to Feminism

For some unknown reason the term ‘feminism’ has been tainted. What once described the belief that women deserve equal rights has transitioned into a dirty word connoting man-hating and radicalisation. […]

Four Things I Wish I Knew Before Studying Abroad

So, you’re studying abroad. Firstly, I’m so jealous, can I please come with you? Secondly… I imagine you are vomiting at the very thought of it! Let’s face it, moving […]

Procrastinating? Read this.

Procrastination seems to be one of the buzzwords of the 21st Century; it has been the topic of countless self-help articles, blog posts, YouTube videos (and less helpful, but funny […]

Zootropolis: How did it slip the radar?

Zootropolis, or Zootopia in the US, hit our UK cinemas in March this year. It was Disney’s highest grossing original film to date and became the 26th film ever to make a 10 digit sum. With […]

How to handle your summer wedding

I have, what can only be classed as, a huge family. Both of my parents come from an Irish-Catholic heritage, and one particular cultural stereotype has endured throughout the ages […]

Wimbledon: A How To Guide

This year was my second run at the Wimbledon tennis championships, and boy was it fun. However unless you are lucky enough to get tickets in the ballot, or happen […]

Happy New Year

A new year, new term, new resolutions! Now that your turkey belly has sort of subsided and the never-ending chocolate has finally begun to look depleted the CUB team is […]

You’re not a Londoner: yet.

I’m going to visit some people soon. A mate of mine has moved to Cumbria to study Forensic Science and another to Leeds to have a dabble with History; both […]