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An Economic Chasm in Darkest East London.

Tower Hamlets is a microcosm of London. The heart of the East End used to have a distinctive identity. Everyone from Karl Marx, Jack the Ripper, and Picasso walked its […]

Advice I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Madrid

Whilst your year abroad may be the time of your life, the process leading up to it is pretty stressful and, even for the most seasoned traveller, moving abroad can […]

Subscription politics.

Brexit won by a margin of 3.8% and although Hilary won the popular vote – it was only by 2.1%. If a government doesn’t win by a landslide is it […]

H for househunting, H for hell

One of my friends from back home started her Business degree at Warwick this year. She travelled to London for a weekend, and stayed with me in the apartment I […]

Politista – From Family Estate to Housing Estates: Mixed Community or Social Cleansing?

Amongst the current crop of homogeneous, Savile Row frontbenchers, it increasingly appears that the old-fashioned democratic ideal of actually listening to what the electorate wants is becoming less and less […]

The Housing Crisis

A big obstacle with choosing a house is choosing your flatmates. I chose to live with two guys, feeling that I would perhaps get along better with them rather than […]