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Drinking, Dancing and Casual Shagging: Why Girls and Lads Holidays Have Become a Sexual Rite of Passage

It’s that time of year were all us 18-30 birds and blokes head out to the strips and sunshine that Europe has to offer and get our holiday on. Whether you’re a […]

A Lad’s Holiday: Part 6. Please Don’t Take Me Home.

  Driving from Brussels to Lille was not fun on four hours sleep. Mr Lane Change’s antics last night however, meant he was running on 45 minutes’ worth. Lucozade in […]

A Lads holiday. Part 4:

Part four marks the first changeover of our holiday. After four days in Amsterdam we moved onto Brussels. Unfortunately, at this point four of our mates had to go home. Mr. Snooze and our Tall Friend (did I […]

A Lads Holiday: Part 3

Part three of the holiday marks the end of our stay in Amsterdam, which is probably just as well seeing as we were treating wandering around the red light district […]

A Lads Holiday: Part 2

Side note: If you haven’t read A Lads Holiday: Part 1 please read it before reading this post… I’ve been friends with these boys for years but today I found the Early Bird. Curtains open at 8am, […]

A Lads Holiday. Part one:

  As a group, I like to think we’re different from your typical “lads”. Conversations about the opposite sex tend towards relationship advice, and jokes are rarely taken too far. And despite […]