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Problematic Filmmakers: Do They Deserve a Platform?

After a 7- year hiatus, Danish film director and screenwriter Lars von Trier is to return to the Cannes Film Festival this year for his new film. He received a […]

Happy End Review – Michael Haneke’s Latest is a Lesser Work, a Bourgeois Fever Dream and a Cinematic Slip-Up in an Otherwise Faultless Filmography

Funny Games. The White Ribbon. Amour. Hidden. All fantastic films that attest to Austrian director Michael Haneke’s untethered, unusual yet unique brilliance. With these in mind, I was eagerly anticipating […]

Review: Couple In A Hole

It’s impossible to discuss Couple In A Hole, the latest film from Belgian director Tom Geens, without mentioning Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist. The plot alone is enough to warrant reasonable scepticism […]