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Queen Mary University of London Bucket List.

QMUL is a University like no other. I am aware that this is an extremely biased opening, but it’s true. For example, how many other University’s do you know that […]

Places to take your visiting friend if they are bored of ‘Tourist London’

Recently, fellow CUB editor (and flatmate) Josie posed me a question. She asked if I had any recommendations of places that she could take her visiting friend. Of course, I […]

What Your Song Request at Monday Calling Says About You

1) Mr Brightside – The Killers A people pleaser and Jack of all trades. Mr Brightside is guaranteed to get everyone running to the dance floor and proceeding to throw themselves […]

5 Songs Every Fresher Should Know The Lyrics To Before Making That First Trip To Monday’s Calling

There are two types of student at Queen Mary – those who love Drapers and those who lie about not loving Drapers. Yes, it may smell of shame and broken […]