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The Struggling Artist in Film Musicals

I began writing this piece in the wake of the La La Land hype that was sweeping the world. For the record, I did enjoy it though I see its […]

Hamilton Vs Trump

With the American election rapidly approaching, the whole world is raked with anxiety about this year’s candidates. And surprisingly enough, this year’s campaign has been captured in ‘Hamilton’: the phenomena […]

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Broadway, different from the West End?

Theatre made in America. Theatre created in Britain. What is the real difference? Would you rather have New York’s Broadway or London’s West End? American and British Theatre both have […]

CULTURE SHOCK: Beyond The West End

London’s West End is one of the world’s most booming theatre districts, representing the highest level of commercial theatre in the English-speaking world (along with New York’s Broadway). Across the […]


What to Do: Enjoying Theatre for Less

Most people are under the impression that seeing big shows in London costs an arm and a leg, meaning that students being able to go to the theatre is near-impossible. […]


It’s ok to love children’s plays

Taking a young child or sibling to a play can seem a chore; a desperate attempt to entertain them and get them out the house. Pixar and Disney sugar the […]

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The Lure of the Musical

There’s something almost adventurous about setting out on a snowy, crisp evening, coat buttoned to the top and boots making a print across the London roads. Nearly every year I […]