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The Cereal Killer Cafe

In the aftermath of Christmas and New Years it is natural to feel a bit all over the place. Like me, you might be at a loss as to what […]

The BIG Review: The Black Cat Cabaret.

Naughty. Dark. Funny. These are the three ingredients which make The Black Cat Cabaret a show to remember. When you think of the word ‘cat’, you might think of the […]

Coppa Club

The newly refurbished ‘Coppa Club’ boasts of cabana-like seating areas which showcase some of London’s best views. Situated alongside the River Thames with London Bridge and The Shard in the […]

Patricia Highsmith’s Little Tales of Misogyny- Little Tales for Nasty Women

Now don’t be fooled by the title, Highsmith’s short story collection doesn’t paint pictures of rotten men, and victim women. Instead Highsmith creates a sweetshop’s worth of lurid, eccentric, strange, […]

Sexting: A Modern Art of Flirtation

Sexting is a modern phenomenon that has come with the birth of our new digital age. It can come in many forms; from a carefully crafted text, a suggestive emoji combination, or […]

CUB Guilty Pleasures Season: Dirty Dancing

Patrick Swayze’s timeless line “nobody puts Baby in a corner” never fails to brighten my day. All I need is the first two bars of ‘I’ve Had the Time of My Life’ […]