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Procrastinating? Read this.

Procrastination seems to be one of the buzzwords of the 21st Century; it has been the topic of countless self-help articles, blog posts, YouTube videos (and less helpful, but funny […]

Girl Talk with Josie

In this new series ‘Girl Talk With,’ I’ll be chatting with the amazing women in my life about how they inspire me. Beginning with CUB’s head online, and photography editor, […]

Post-Graduation Blues

Think of it like yoga: bend your body at a ninety degree angle, hands firmly on the mat shoulder width apart while balancing on your tip toes. You are in […]


We’ve all been there. Struggling to find motivation. Wrestling with an essay. Avoiding household chores. No matter what you do you can’t seem to enthuse yourself to do those things you promised yourself you would . Something […]

On the subject of procrastination

As exam and dissertation season rapidly approaches (seriously, where did the last three years even go) procrastination yet again rears its ugly head. I vividly remember learning the word for […]

My 5 favourite blogs to aid procrastination

I have very little willpower and am easily distracted. In my efforts to avoid Freud for a few minutes last year during revision I would lovingly peruse my favourite blogs, […]