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Me, Myself & I

In today’s day and age, feminism if finally rising and gaining awareness. And though that’s fantastic, there are also some negative quirks. I feel as though some people interpret feminism […]

In Conversation with: Aleem

Days before the release of the single Stranger Things, we spoke to up-and-coming singer-songwriter Aleem about songwriting, social media, and what we should expect from his debut UK tour. So, […]

Queen Mary’s This Girl Can x Uni Boob Team Event

“Let’s just see how far we get.”  On Monday night, Lina Nielsen spoke to students at Queen Mary’s This Girl Can x Uni Boob Team event; an evening dedicated to […]

Growing Pains – The Conservatives and their Youth Crisis

The Conservatives are in crisis, not just in terms of their leadership, but in terms of ideas and future membership. The party has to ask itself real questions about policy, […]

Excuse My French: Un été à Genève

Thanks to a wondrous man named Erasmus, I will be spending my summer in Geneva this year. While everyone back home will be a slave to the Queen Mary examination […]

Claustrophobic London

Buses and taxis whizz by in blurs – a scene which could have jumped right out of a comic book page. Everything looks just how you would expect: the financial […]

My First Love

They say that the best memories in your life will be your accomplishments, such as winning a trophy in a school tournament, winning an achievement award at high school, graduating high school, getting […]

Results Day: Career paths for GCSE and A-level students

If you have recently received you’re A-level results, you will, most likely, have been in education for 10 years – or 8 years if you received your GCSE results. You forced yourself to go to sleep the night before, and a few hours later you are […]

QM Creative Talents: Costanza Casati

 Costanza Casati has interviewed different girls from different countries and backgrounds, each one of them inspiring a story of hers. The names of the characters, however, are fictional. 1) πάθος […]