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Euphoric Inspiration

HBO’s newest show Euphoria has gained huge popularity, with even the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio stating his adoration. One of the many reasons for its obsessive following is the styling […]

The Most Famous Couples in Literature.

What better way to get in the ‘Valentines’ mood than to reminisce on the greatest love stories in literature? These couples show the different aspects of love that make their […]

You can always depend upon the kindness of stranglers:

I’ve always been obsessed with shows and films that dealt with murder and suspense. I don’t recoil at Criminal Minds and CSI; if anything, the fictional, hyperbolic and at times, […]

Shakespeare and the Bourgeoisie? ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at the Garrick Theatre

When I booked my tickets to see Rob Stark and Cinderella perform in the GCSE classic, by one of the most overly hyped theatre companies in all of London, it’s […]