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With a Minister for suicide being created and QMSU launching Wellness Weeks, are we finally moving away from vapid tweets and one-off postulations of care?

As I’m sure everyone saw from their social medias, campus stalls and news soundbites, on Wednesday it was World Mental Health Day. My Twitter, as usual, was flooded with people […]

Upcoming Careers Events for SED Students.

As an English student, I am very excited to announce that this year CUB will be teaming up with Caroline Lisser, Queen Mary’s career consultant, to keep you informed about […]

PSHE Education: Is it time schools made mental health awareness a compulsory part of the curriculum?

At university mental health awareness is paramount. Last year, the annual Student Experience survey revealed that ‘87% of first year students find it difficult to cope with social or academic […]

A week in the life of an English teacher

Last week I was lucky enough to do a week’s work experience in the English Department of a local secondary school. The school itself is in quite a poor area, […]

When I grow up…I want to be a Teacher

I have a confession. I think that, just maybe, I would like to be a teacher. Yes, those semi-authoritative figures that are pinned down in an attack against failing pupils, despite having […]