Calling All Camisoles

In a not so dissimilar vein to last week’s column, I’ve got something to say about ‘must-have’ items.  Up to face the jury is the camisole.  The silken one, to be exact.  You see, it seems to be having a moment.  I know, I know, it’s August but it seems a special occasion.

There’s something really special about silk: it is sensual and makes the day just a little better.  But silk isn’t always quite right for the occasion.  I didn’t venture into this trip-hazard world until last year – my mother (rightly) prescribed that my spilling abilities were too refined to wear a silk shirt.  Silk and I don’t get on most of the year, try as I may.  The weather has to be perfect: too hot and you begin to feel uncomfortable – at least in a long sleeved number.  A little cold and the nervous chilly sweats come on, which I find has a similar effect.  And we don’t want that.

Looking for the ideal autumn bridge piece – not specifically something to go with my kilt, that thing I keep barking on about – I thought it might at least try the camisole.  It’s not like I’ve never had one, because that would be silly.  I mean, think back to young teen years with strappy tops under plaid shirts – reminiscent of Cobain-style Saint Laurent now – but now, as grown up style is a prerequisite of (at least, my) real world, the camisole has grown too.

For it is a beacon, of sorts.  One for those afraid of silk, those who aren’t on board with the abs attack that fashion is currently coveting: the, show-off how long you lasted on the 5:2 Diet kind of job.  The cami is a streetlight for transitional dressing, giving the green shiner for the updated wardrobe fundamentals.  And it is transferrable too.  You can channel underwear as outerwear with a cami, going full-throttle with silken bottoms.  There’s something about a little bit of no-sex sexy that the cami just can’t refuse.  And an easy breezy camisole affords matchy-matchy: the coordinating pieces made popular by Queen Phoebe Philo way back in Resort 2012.

Now, the co-ord is a key component in international collection, and the cami has joined the party.  It is the perfect antitode to the boyfriend jean – stick on a pair of sling-backs, turn up your hems and you’re away.  And brilliantly, this is a year-round thing.  Grab an easy blazer and a baby’s-bum-soft clutch and you are finished.  Cold ankles are always in, FYI.

At the time of writing, Topshop had 80 standard camisoles in stock.  Matches had just the one: a Versace number in midnight silk, trimmed with leopard print lace.  My-Wardobre had a Day Birger Et Mikklesen offering that blew Donatella out the water, and for a tenth of the price.

What more persuading do you need?  Frankly, none.  There is a camisole out there with your name on it.  I’m off to Net-a-Porter.  For all happy silken adventures lead to Equipment, and most of them come in a little black box.


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