London Fashion Week Day 2: Hellen van Rees

Over at the Freemasons Hall Hellen Van Rees showed her presentation ‘Fuzzylayerglossbox’. She promised an assortment of ‘nostalgic elegance and futurism’ and failed to quite deliver it. The show room was filled with the clicking of camera shutters and haunting music. After being offered rose, white wine and Strongbow…Strongbow (I can’t even) models entered the eerie space and stood as installations.

The show’s saving grace was the beautiful hand-woven tweed which embellished the almost 20’s lines. With multi-coloured threads Van Rees created a Missoni-like fabric which exuded laid-back style with its frayed hem. The collection consisted largely of dresses which played with proportions moving the waist line from empire to high-waisted to drop.

The famed blogger Susie Bubble also made an appearance which created quite the buzz around one of Van Rees’ quivering, live mannequins. She, also, seemed most impressed by the delicate woven materials which most certainly stole the otherwise fairly plain show.

Hellen 2
Photo: Daisy Murray

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