Happy New Year

Image: Ben le Photographe
Image: Ben le Photographe

A new year, new term, new resolutions!

Now that your turkey belly has sort of subsided and the never-ending chocolate has finally begun to look depleted the CUB team is here to inspire a new you for 2014.

Some are serious, some are silly but read on and smile…

Lauren Cantillon – Editor in Chief
Donate blood more frequently over the year as it’s such a good cause and so easy to do! Click here to find out more.

Actually read the texts on my course this semester.

Belphoebe New – Arts
To be more creative, not sure in what form just yet, just something that means I won’t be staring at Facebook for too long anymore!

Samar Malik – London
Mine is to become a morning person!

Sophie Lyddon – Online Editor
Finally lose some of the weight I gained in first and second year (and at Christmas)!

Nick Cleeve – Music
I’m going to be listening to a new album everyday. Expanding horizons, massaging the mind and all that.

Becky Hipkiss – Columnist
Mine is to learn how to say no once in a while. (Haha).

Hannah Ballard – Arts
To have a more positive outlook, to do more exercise and more art!

Yuet Ann Chan – Deputy Editor
Not to be so negative and temperamental.

Melanie Moran – Music
My resolution is to smile less – I’m starting to get wrinkles.

Tim Picton – Music
To exploit my natural talents more regularly and effectively, for example, karate, salsa dancing, fire-eating and bear wrestling.

Beth McAulay – Features
This year I’m going to try to get out more, I found it too easy last year to get bogged down in work and other projects. Time to remember I’m 21 not 41!

Alice Owen – Travel
Mine is to try and not become a victim of self-fulfilling prophecy (read: be more positive). Also, to spend less time at M&S reduced sandwich aisle.

Kumari Tilakawardane – Film
To stop planning everything and actually let something unexpected happen without having a heart attack about it. And also to try and vaguely pass my degree.

Jessica Pratten – Film
Mine is to become more zesty in the mornings – get up earlier and be more enthusiastic about it, not to forget about what I had previously said in a sleepy stupor and to thus get more done. Oh, and probably to stop biting my nails (this happens and fails every year).

Eden Gilby – Columnist
Mine is to be more patient!

Sean Richardson – PR
To achieve something significant.

Eleanor Doughty – Style
Eleanor declined to partake in this survey, declaring she was too fabulous for New Year’s Resolutions.

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