10 Things Students Tolerate That No-One Else Would

  1. Sinks like this (when passive aggressive notes don’t work, you have to learn to wash around the fungus)Features_Cubfeed_Photo_4a
  2. Sacrificing the… Quality of your living arrangements for the location (a distance close enough to allow you to roll out of bed and into a lecture is really worth it)
  3. Leaving the house like this a few days after a party (the hangovers need to subside before anyone can consider the immense clean up, and then after that there are many, many other important things you must do…)
  4. Meals of  a certain calibre three times a day before the loan comes in, when it comes in and when it runs out (food is something that can be sacrificed)
  5. Weekly arguments like this, then returning to being best buddies twenty minutes later
  6. Your house mate decides they’re going to have their friends over for pre-drinks
  7. Paying bills dangerously close to being cut off from all vital resources (except WiFi – that definitely has already been paid)
  8. Drawing lines on your milk and seeing it disappear anyway. Dry cornflakes soaked with rage it is then…
  9. Watching this turn into this on a fortnightly basis
  10. Though the landlord says it’s fine, you’re not sure you want to live with this

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