Sugar rush in Shoreditch – The Cereal Killer Café

Cereal Killer Cafe may be the new kid on Brick Lane, but tucked away in the midst of quaint cafés, it is hardly lacking in popularity. Ever since it opened its doors at the beginning of December, it has seen hundreds of people flocking to try out its exotic cereal flavours – even as I went around 1pm on a Thursday, it was packed, so much so that it was a struggle to get in.

Murals of cereal boxes (some are for sale) decorate the exposed brick walls and almost all spare space has been dedicated to cereal-related memorablia, including a glass cabinet with the most adorable mini doughnut jewellery and vintage Kellogg’s tins.

The menu is extensive – a long list of cereals from the United States and the UK, along with some other international types, and a milk menu almost as long as its cereal counterpart. Served with Starbucks style efficiency, each bowl comes in three sizes accompanied by a small glass milk bottle of your specific choice of milk. You can then choose toppings to go in your bowl, such as crushed Oreos, M&Ms or even strawberries if you’re feeling dangerous! On top of that, a vast array of coffees, teas and milkshakes can be ordered, as well as toast and a multitude of sought-after flavours of Pop Tarts, if your sweet tooth still wasn’t satisfied.

If you’re willing to turn a blind eye on the sugar content and neon food colouring, this is the kind of place where you can go and re-live your childhood, except now your mum isn’t here to tell you you can’t get mix a large bowl of Fruit Loops with marshmallows. It definitely feels funny eating breakfast for lunch surrounded by other adults, but it is definitely well worth the trek up Brick Lane, even if just to admire the portraits done in Cheerio’s and grab some take-away Pop Tarts. It’s definitely a great place for the adventurous and those willing to try new flavours (although Apple Jacks sadly don’t taste a lot like apples). Open every day and prices from £1-4 for individual portions/items.

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