Foodie Confessions: Herbs for your joint

There comes a time in our quaint student life where we must transition from lowly poor student (hopefully) into a fully functioning mature adult. Forget acquiring the knowledge about council tax, full-time jobs and debt, it’s all about how well you can cook to impress others and keeping your palette satisfied.

The answer to all of your questions for after you graduate is herbs (ha). Us when we become graduates will take one of two paths in life and they have the same mantra: “herbs help”. For those who will enter the world of working, living and cooking, herbs are the key to culinary success.

With Christmas fast approaching, it doesn’t hurt to roll up some aromas when blazing up the oven for your Christmas dinner. It’s simple, in order to transform yourself, all you need is a window-sill and water … free! Okay so not completely free, you have to buy the herbs, but most mainstream supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Tesco sells them either in their pot or free-hand for a couple of pounds.

Neither is it hard when it comes to the upkeep of your buds. Simply root the free-held sprigs to be potted, or shove on your window-sill where the sun will hit it most. They don’t even need to be watered every single day! Once every couple of days is fine and next thing you know it, your housemates will start sucking up to you, apologising for puking in your bed and try to win your heart for a hit of your tasty food.

Rosemary, basil, oregano, dill, tarragon, mint, chives… the list goes on. Having just a few of these is a great part of your arsenal against bland foods! Got tomato pasta for the third time this week? Try adding rosemary one day, and basil the next. It really does make a difference.

If you have high expectations then prepare for them to be exceeded. Not only will you be enhancing the flavour and quality of your dishes, but you would be adding life and beauty into your room or house. And to add even more onto those extremely convincing reasons to put more spice in the pot, there are a bountiful amount of health benefits to incorporating herbs into your diet. Rosemary is good for your skin as well as being said to help with memory and concentration. Oregano aids gasto-intestinal problems and slightly soothes period cramps. Parsley is a great immune booster. Medicinal properties? Yes please.

However, if you don’t want to grow them, dry them! If you’re lazy like me, drying herbs is a great way to store herbs without the responsibility or commitment. There are many ways you can do this, the internet is our best friend to find out how to do this. My method of using the microwave nearly burnt down my house, so my advice would be irresponsible!. With the abundance of rain that we experience here in England, you’ll have a plentiful amount of greenery to last you until graduation! Get growing.

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