Christmas Questions

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Oh my god, it’s December. Already. Again. You’d think I’d be a bit more prepared, given that this happens every year – but no. Christmas is looming, the advent calendars are out and I’m yet to buy a single present. As per usual.

I love Christmas. I’d just like to make that very clear. It’s my favourite holiday, my favourite time of the year, my favourite celebration. When else do you get a mini gift of chocolate every day for a full month? When else do you get to hang festive lights (very hygge) everywhere? When else do you get to buy a tree?!

So, yes, Christmas is great. December is great. Winter is great. I’m trying to ignore the fact that mince pies have been in the shops since about the 3rd of October, because that kills the festive spirit ever so slightly. Instead I’m focusing on hanging up the Christmas bunting (we actually have some), finding the perfect Christmas jumper and getting excited about the copious amount of food that will be eaten over the holidays.

Thinking about Christmas and festivities has raised some questions, though. I’m not sure whether this is just me or whether it applies to everyone over the Christmas break but here they are.

1) Does anyone actually like sprouts? Really? Given that they aren’t used in any recipe ever except on Christmas day, I’m going to say no. So why do we still insist on having them?

2) Does everyone have Turkey sandwiches while watching a film at about 6pm on Christmas day? Is this like a universal rule? Does everyone fall asleep during said film due to an excessive amount of food?

3) What is actually in Christmas pudding… and does anyone actually eat it?

4) How morally wrong is it to open more than one advent door at a time? What are the consequences?

On a scale, I’d say my excitement for the big day is currently at about a 7, which is nothing that a solid month of Christmas music won’t fix. How excited are you? How are you preparing – and are there any Christmas recipes you’d recommend?

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