The Big Food Lead Up

Christmas Eve! The striptease of the festive season. Everything we have been participating in, rushing for, over the past few weeks is all down to this imminent day. We have all most probably sorted out gifts, and are now fully immersed in a sea of Christmas spirit. Which leads me to believe that we are fully sorted out with regard to the most important part of Christmas, food. Hopefully our fridges are stuffed with lush winter delights and treats, making for the most anticipated part of pretty much the whole year! I find it slightly weird that we buy such a vast amount of food and drink all for one day! In no way are complaints being made about excessive eating and glad tidings gulping down booze with absolutely no qualms, because it’s Christmas!


As the big day and Boxing Day are fast coming, so are our cravings for all things festively foodie. We seem to anticipate the Christmas dinner, or Christmas foods more fervently than many of the other Christmas delights this festive season has to offer, and rightly so! However, as the majority of us will be excitedly awaiting to tuck into pigs in blankets and the assortment of meats at the dinner table, I will be sitting in fear waiting to see if my Mushroom and Chestnut Wellington (pictured in the mouth-watering photo above!) will not fall to pieces when I cut it, or that the dinner table won’t be flooded with touchy conversation about my potential pretentiousness around meat-eaters.


Since this year is my first year spending Christmas as a vegan (if I haven’t mentioned it to the whole world yet), it will make for a different type of foodie anticipation. An anticipation that is rooted in fear of messing up the dish I’ve prepared, and thus making the best part of Christmas, crap. But I am intensely motivated to rise up in the midst of meat and cheese, and stay true to the vegan agenda, persevering to make this season so vivacious and vegan at the same time.


Short and sweet is the article this week,
and hope that this Christmas food will be at it’s peak!

Merry CUBmas one and all!


For more festive meat-free merriment here are a few other recipes to check out this Christmas day!



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