HIPCHIPS: Soho’s first crisp & dip concert

Photo Credit: HIPCHIPS

Monday evenings have just got exciting thanks to the new and exclusive student deals offered by ‘HIPCHIPS’- Soho’s first crisp and dip concert! As the name suggests, not only is the concept behind this revolutionary restaurant ‘hip’, so is its décor, as well as the array of customers it attracts.

Every Monday from 3-8pm students get a free Signal lager or Gordon’s gin with every medium box of crisps.

Photo Credit: HIPCHIPS
Photo Credit: HIPCHIPS

Tucked away down Old Compton Street, this niche restaurant is making a name for itself and stands out amongst its neighbouring restaurants, nestled in Chinatown and Leicester Square. Upon entering HIPCHIPS, your eyes are immediately drawn to an American style counter with a conveyor belt of crisps, crisps and then some more crisps. Followed by dips, dips and then more dips. Okay so you get the point, but HIPCHIPS is more than just crisps and dips. The crisps themselves come in various colours such as purple, pink and yellow (they are still edible I promise) and the restaurant prides themselves on the fact they are made from a variety of British heritage potatoes. Put it this way: these aren’t the kind of crisps you can pick off the shelf in your local Sainsburys or Tesco!

Photo Credit: HIPCHIPS
Photo Credit: HIPCHIPS

Complimenting these slightly salted crisps are a delicious selection of sweet and savoury dips with both classic British and international inspirations such as: Katsu Curry, Moroccan Yoghurt, Smokey Cheese Fondue, Vegan Chocolate and ‘special’, unlabelled dips whose flavour you can only discover through eating them. So, not only is HIPCHIPS a visual treat with its multi-coloured crisps, but also a challenge for your taste buds! But one thing is certain: everything is served fresh and delivered with a ‘crisp’ service, pardon the pun, that will leave you wanting to come back for more and more. Like me you might be a bit sceptical as to how crisps can be a filling meal, but my friend and I were left feeling fully satisfied by these moreish combinations. Therefore, I would say that HIPCHIPS offers the perfect meal whether you want to eat light, line your stomach for another student night out, or even as a first course to a feast carried on elsewhere.

Seating is available, although limited, and staff are lovely and friendly. It is a great place to head with a group of friends, where you can play a game of mix-and-match with the dips to find your favourite one. But I must stress that students must bring a valid form of student identification with them so as to be able to redeem this offer- so make sure you don’t forget!

Photo Credit: HIPCHIPS
Photo Credit: HIPCHIPS

I must also mention that despite this exclusive deal for cash-strapped students, HIPCHIPS does also attract customers of all ages. So if you aren’t a student but you are still interested, pricing is listed below:

A small box (+ 2 dips) = £4.50

A medium box – part of the student deal- (+ 3 dips) = £6.75

A large box (+6 dips) = £11.50

– Any extra dips are £1 each.

(P.s HIPCHIPS are also going to introduce an exclusive ‘hangover deal’ on a Thursday, whereby with the purchase of every medium box of crisps, students can get another box free-yes free- by saying: “I have a hangover!”)


Nearest Tube: A five-minute walk from Piccadilly Circus tube station.

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  1. What a novel idea and who doesn’t love a crisp and a dip. Such enthusiasm shining through makes my mouth water

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