Exclusive preview: MadLab molecular cocktail masterclasses

This month Madison will be launching ‘MadLab’: a new series of masterclasses with a science theme in mind. Think chemistry meets cocktails, or science geek meets drink connoisseur- unique right?

MadLab is designed for cocktail lovers to refine their bartending skills and learn new techniques. But wait, it gets better… visitors are required to don a lab coat mad-scientist style and learn the following three cocktail techniques: carbonation, infusion, and foam. If, like me, you loved science experiments at school where you were allowed to explode materials, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to re-create such memories in adulthood. Oh and with the added bonus of alcohol involved. There is the chance for the public to invent molecular twists on three Absolut Elyx vodka-based cocktails selected from a cocktail menu of nine. I think you will agree with me that the clearing up of such experiments will be much easier than at school- all you have to do is drink the finished cocktail!

MadLab 5

Each masterclass can accommodate groups of 8-12 people and the price is £30 per head. Although this price might initially come as a shock, considering you would normally pay around £9-£15 for a single cocktail in London, this is in fact very reasonable.

A full review of the MadLab masterclasses fill follow after the 27th of February- I will let you know if I am successfully able to master the cocktail techniques!

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