Martin Solveig: Electropop Nostalgia

The room is hot and the music is loud. Close your eyes to the flashing neon lights and iPhone screens and you are transported into another time. You enter another dimension, where electropop, techno and hip-hop from the last three decades converge into one masterful mix.

Martin Solveig had been active in the industry since 1994. At 18 he started work in his home city of Paris, at famed nightclubs L’Enfer and Le Queen. In 2002 he launched his career with a studio album Sur la Terre, but it failed to gain recognition. Undeterred, he put out Hedonist in 2004, which peaked at 43 on the French music charts. Hedonist marked Solveig as a star: it was a deft and infectious combination of hip-hop, soul, and afrobeat. In 2008 Solveig continued his upward trend by dropping his third studio album, C’est la Vie, which hit 16 on the French music charts.


By the year 2010 Solveig was no stranger to the electropop scene, but his hit collab with Dragonette, Hello, took him from Parisian prodigy to international hitmaker. With its unmistakable chorus and infectious beat, Hello was an instant hit.  It hit top ten in over a dozen countries and peaked at number 13 in the UK. One year after the release of Hello and his fourth studio album, Solveig was signed on as one of the producers of MDNA, Madonna’s big return to the pop scene. In 2012 he was the in-house DJ for the MTV movie awards.

Five years later, Solveig is anything but obscure. Hits like Do it Right, Intoxicated and All Stars keep Solveig from becoming just another name on the endless list of one-hit wonders.  This March, he brought his party mix “My House” from Ibiza to London, electrifying the Ministry of Sound Club in south London for one night only. His mix was a perfect blend of the old and new, mixing pop hits of today with familiar tracks from the last decade and more. His beats are modern and powerful, but it is obvious that Solveig has been a part of the music world for his entire life. His deep understanding and vast musical vocabulary come through in his work—as modern as his music is, there is a certain element of nostalgia, a memory that runs through all his beats. The world that Solveig creates is surreal, “My House” is unique, and his remixes are bold. Solveig’s sound is in a word: timeless.

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