The October Men by David Impey

David Impey’s newly released and debut novel The October Men

“A tense and complicated sci-fi thriller that will keep you engaged and stay with you even after you close the book”

In his endeavour to defy gravity, Oxford physicist, Otto Parsons, performed a scientific experiment that produced ground-breaking results not just in the field of science, but in history itself. However, funding for this remarkable project is running out and Parsons’ professor, Dan Sibley, attempts to garner more finance but in doing so, attracts a wealthy organisation that may have an ulterior motive. Suddenly, Otto disappears and the key to his vanishing may lie in the past. As the authorities try to understand what happened to Otto, it soon becomes clear that a dubious corporation, known as The October Foundation, are somehow involved. But could this company and Otto Parsons’ disappearance be connected to the assassination of JFK, the Roswell incident, the Wall Street Crash and priceless artworks? And if so, how?

Impey’s novel requires a great deal of participation on the part of the reader because there are so many different plot threads that you have to piece together like a jigsaw puzzle. You are eventually told how seemingly random events fit together, so don’t panic if you can’t quite make sense of everything; the key to this book is perseverance.  I found this novel unusual in that there is no protagonist. Rather, the reader is the principal character as you flit around in time and space, witnessing the events and conversations that take place and the thoughts of the character each chapter focuses on.  As a result, your reading experience is fast-paced and exhilarating as you imagine yourself in the various situations depicted.

The concept of The October Men is really fascinating as the plot is centred around the idea of temporal displacement. Impey asks his readers what they would do if they could travel back in time to specific points in history and if so, where in history they would venture and what they would do. This is a book that incites you to think about time travel and however beneficial it can appear. There are also negative consequences attached to it that not only could affect you, but the entire world.

There are some really tense action sequences that made me sit up onto the edge of my seat.  Since the reader is the protagonist, you feel that it is you who is being chased by four bulky men when you are cycling, or that it is you who is fleeing your home to escape being murdered. These scenes were described vividly to the point that I felt I was watching a cinematic action thriller when I envisaged events in my mind. Very quickly, this novel becomes a page-turner that you cannot put down until you have turned over its final page.

There are many questions that will buzz around the reader’s mind but one question in particular may be at the front: where is Otto Parsons? It is a compelling hook when someone disappears and you are naturally curious to learn what happened to them, and whether or not they are still alive. Whilst the ending is not left on a cliff-hanger, it does wrap the plot strands up nicely. Even though there may not be any unanswered questions, the concept of The October Men will definitely stay with you and keep you thinking about the scientific possibilities suggested and explored by Impey.

Rating: 5/5

The October Men is now available in bookstores and online in paperback and kindle formats.

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